industrial diamonds & cbn tools

"Strauss & Co." presents the industrial markets with a wide range of electro-plated tools for grinding, cutting, filing and polishing of a variety of metals and composites.
Amongst our various products are:
Diamond files in various shapes and sizes, Diamond & CBN grinding pins for internal grinding in standard and non-standard sizes, Diamond & CBN grinding wheels in standard shapes and custom made to clients' specifications.


Whether the need is for trimming, de - burring, drilling or shaping of GFRP or CFRP materials – Strauss electro plated or vacuum brazed tools will do the job.

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We will be at EMO Hannover between the dates 18-23 September. Contact us to set a meeting.

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Diamond Files

STRAUSS & CO. offers a comprehensive range of Diamond files in various shapes and grit sizes. This enables the end user to choose the most suitable file for any given application, including hard to reach areas.

Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

STRAUSS & CO.'s Grinding Wheels are manufactured both in Diamond and CBN abrasives. The Diamond wheels are employed in grinding materials such as tungsten Carbide, ceramics and Fiberglass.

Diamond & CBN Grinding Pins

STRAUSS & CO. offers a wide range of Diamond and CBN grinding pins. This category features pins designed to offer the end user safe, superior quality and cost effective pins.

Diamond Tools for Surface Finishing

STRAUSS & CO.'s Diamond lapping foils are made of precisely graded Diamond particles bonded to high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform consistent finish, waterproof, high tensile strength and heat resistance.

Custom Made Tools

STRAUSS & CO.'s technical team welcomes any request, idea or concept of special tools for any applications. Strauss & CO. can make tools up to Ø 1000mm. our goal is to serve our customers with the highest quality tools.

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Dental Rotary Instruments

"Strauss & Co." presents FG Diamond burs for dentists.

We carry more than 1000 different Diamond burs in 7 grit sizes - multi use burs and pre-sterilized single use burs to suit every use. Including special burs for Ceramics, for Metal and for Composite, Solid Carbide - Highly accurate, full line of Tungsten Carbide burs, HP Diamond and Carbide tools for dental laboratories, Special dental products - Diamond strips, discs, polishing paste and polishers to complete our full dental rotary instruments line.

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We will be at the EAO this October (5th-7th). Contact us for a meeting.

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FG Diamond Burs

A complete range of top quality Electro Plated FG FG Diamond Burs Diamond Burs – All colour coded and 100% controlled.

Magic Touch

Perfect Burs for fast & smooth grinding of Zirconia, E-Max® and porcelain. The Safest, the Fastest, the Smoothest Crown & Bridge Adjustment

Tungsten Carbide

Highly accurate Tungsten Carbide bur with sharper blades, super durability and optimal cutting efficiency – HP, RA and FG.

Shine 1-2

Morphological quality and fast restoration designed by Dr. Matan Avital. This set is designed to make the tough task of composite finishing significantly simpler, shorter and more efficient while giving excellent clinical results.

Polishing Products

A vast range of Diamond Polishers for Zirconia and Porcelain – RA and HP and diamond paste for great surface finishing.

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