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Crown And Bridge Preparation Kit 1

CAT#: CPSET1 - The kit was designed by Prof. Ariel Ben-Amar – chief of the prosthodontics department, Tel-Aviv university dental school to address the challenge of crown and bridge preparation.

Profile Cat. No. Application
PR1M Chamfer preparation & finishing line.
PR3M 135º preparation & finishing line (long bevel).
BR1M Massive reduction and producing depth cut.
K2C Lingual & palatal reduction.
F1RM Interproximal reduction and creation of proximal finish line.
A3C Occlusal reduction of posterior teeth.
PR8F Narrow shoulder finish line.
PR9M Broad shoulder finish line.
F2M Supra-gingival shoulder finish line.
PR10F Shoulder + bevel finish line.
PR11C Occlusal and incisal edge reduction.