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All Ceramic Crown Preparation Kit 1

CAT#: 40211ACSET - Designed by Prof. Nitzan Bichacho and Dr. Yuval Wind, Hadassah school of Dental Medicine / Department of Prosthodontics. The set provides the dentist with a precise and proven step by step technique (illustrated in the accompanying booklet). Suitable for zirconia and alumina all-ceram restorations. The set contains all the burs for getting a perfect esthetic restoration.

Profile Cat. No. Application
A50PR Occlusal Reduction
C1PR Proximal Reduction
C3PR Buccal & Lingual Reduction
F1RPR Proximal Reduction
F2RPR Buccal & Lingual Reduction
K2RPR Palatal Reduction - Incisors/Canine
L2PR Proximal (Mesiall & Distal) - Depth Cutter
L3PR Buccal & Lingual - Depth Cutter
M41PR Occlusal Reduction - Premolars
FGPS1W Finishing - Alpine Stone