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Porcelain Laminate Veneer Preparation Kit 1

CAT#: 40211PLSET - Designed by Prof. Nitzan Bichacho and Dr. Yuval Wind, Hadassah school of Dental Medicine / Department of Prosthodontics.
The set provides the dentist with a precise and proven step by step technique (illustrated in the accompanying booklet).
The set contains all the burs for getting a perfect esthetic Porcelain laminate veneers.

Profile Cat. No. Application
A3F Creating finish line
C08F Retention slot
E5PF Proximal separation
F1RF Buccal reduction / Creating finish line
F2RF Buccal reduction / Creating finish line
F2RM Buccal reduction / Creating Finish Line Inclisal reduction
G3M Inclisal reduction
PR23M 0.7 mm Depth marker bur
FGPS1W Refining the preparation – alpine stone
RPRA16W Polishing the preparation