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Crown And Bridge Preparation KIS Kit

CAT#: KIS-SET1 - The KIS (keep it simple) set was designed by Dr. Michael Perez-Davidi, Chief of the prosthodontic department, Hadassah University Dental School, to face the demands for tooth preparation in porcelain fused to metal crowns. The finishing line is a medium chamfer that was tested over many crowns and bridges and was proven to be clinically efficient and user friendly.

ProfileCat. No.Application
E31C Separation & Interproximal
K2PF Lingual / Palatinal preparation for Porcelain & all Ceram
K2RC Lingual / Palatinal preparation
M41C OCclusal preparation
T6SC Preliminary quick reduction by very rough bur Chamfer
T6C Continuance of reduction by coarse bur Chamfer
T6M Continuance of reduction by medium bur Chamfer
T6F Chamfer polishing & finishing line for anterior & posterior tooth
T6SF Chamfer very smooth polishing & finishing
PR23M 0.7 mm Depth marker bur