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Crown Lengthening Kit

CAT#: PERIOKIT1 - The new Crown Lengthening kit is designed to be used in an orderly sequence and guide the clinician to achieve the desired outcome precisely, predictably and safely. It includes special custom made burs with laser depth markings. Designed by Dr. Cobi Landsberg and Prof. Nitzan Bichacho.

Profile Cat. No. Application
A4LC round diamond bur
A3LC round diamond bur
MR10L2M side cutting diamond bur (narrow)
MR10L3M Side cutting diamond bur (narrow)
FG957 End cutting Carbide bur
MR015LM End cutting diamond bur
MR010LM End cutting diamond bur
C2411S/M Tapered, side cutting diamond bur
C2411S/XXF Tapered, side cutting diamond bur
C244/XXF Tapered, final polishing diamond bur