Company Profile

"Strauss & Co." manufactures high quality electroplated diamond & CBN tools. Since 1970 the company has been active in the manufacture and distribution of diamond & CBN tools.

"Strauss & Co." dedicates itself to the development of unique products and strives to keep it's products on the "quality edge".
Our quality system is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified, and all our dental tools meet rule 93/42 EU and are CE certified.

Strauss & Co.'s products are distributed to over 40 countries via our global sales organization, which keeps track of the latest innovations, developments and materials in the cutting & grinding fields with super abrasives products.


"Strauss & Co." consists of 3 divisions:


1. Industrial Diamond & CBN Tools:
"Strauss & Co." presents the industrial markets with a wide range of electro-plated tools for grinding, cutting, filing and polishing of a variety of metals and composites.

Amongst our various products are:


2. Dental Diamond Tools:

  • FG burs for dentists.
    We carry a wide range of profiles and 6 types of grit sizes, suitable for most profiles: - Super coarse; Coarse; Medium; Fine; Super fine and Extra extra fine.
  • Carbide burs for dentists.
    We Carry a full line of tungsten carbide burs,  including surgical burs, trimming and finishing, and metal cutters.
    The carbide are available in FG, RA and HP.
  • Hp dental tools for dental laboratories.


3. Vacuum Brazed Diamond & CBN Tools:

This new and unique manufacturing technology offers numerous advantages in the production of custom made profile tools for the ceramics, metalworking and stone grinding industries.

This line of products includes diamond routers in various shapes for the stone and marble industry; profile tools for fiberglass and re-enforced plastics industries; and dressing rolls for the dressing of conventional grinding wheels in precision profile grinding.

"Strauss & Co." continues to strive for a better understanding of its customers' needs, and is recognized as a flexible and customer-oriented company. Our goal is to serve you with the highest quality tools and by "Turning precision into value" we trust you will enjoy our performance.