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Metal Bur Blocks

High quality autoclavable metal and bur block for FG, RA and HP burs. Organizes the burs in an easy to use, durable bur block – each procedure can have a separate block.

The block can be autoclaved in up to 135°C.

Cat. No. Description  
PKBBM10FG5RA1 Aluminum Bur block - 10 FG+5 RA
PKBBM18FG9RA1 Aluminum Bur block - 18 FG+9 RA
PKBBS10FG1 Aluminum bur block - 10 FG
PKBBM14HP1 Aluminum Bur block - 14 HP
PP-PKBBM32FG1 Aluminum bur block 32FG
PP-PKBBM16FG16RA1 Aluminum bur block 16FG + 16RA  
PP-PKBBM80FG1 Aluminum bur block 80FG
PP-PKBBM40FG40RA1 Aluminum bur block 40FG + 40RA