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All Ceramic Crown Preparation Kit 2

CAT#: ACSET1 - This kit was designed by Prof. Ariel Ben-Amar – Chief of the prosthodontic department, Tel Aviv University Dental School, to address all challenges in all ceramic crown preparation. The set is designed for a quick, reliable and reproducible anterior and posterior preparation. The set contains 3 cool cut (spiral) premium burs for fast and cool preparation.

ProfileCat. No.Application
BR1C Bulk reduction
E2PR/C Interproximal separation for posterior teeth
E31PR/M Interproximal separation for anterior teeth
F1RSP/PR For anterior teeth Axial reduction
F1RF Chamfer smooth polishing & finishing
F21RF Chamfer smooth polishing & finishing
F21RSP/PR For anterior teeth axial reduction
K2RPR Occlusal reduction
M31SP/PR For posterior teeth Axial reduction
PR8F Narrow shoulder finish line