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Bond Removal Kit

A Complete kit for bond/adhesive removal of composite materials from the Enamel surface without scratching / harming the Enamel.


Profile Cat. No. Application
FG7406 Carbide FG– 12 blades – egg shape
FG7653 Carbide FG – 12 blades – round end taper 
FGEF6 Carbide FG - 12 blades composite trimming
FG7902 Carbide FG– 12 blades – needle
FG-M31SF Carbide Orthodontic FG-12 blades – round end taper
RA7006 Carbide RA -12 blades – round
RA-K2RSF Carbide RA-12 blades – egg shape
RORTHORA17 Orthodontic polishers - RA cup shape 
RORTHORA16 Orthodontic polishers - RA flame shape