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Cool Cut Burs

The COOL CUT burs are designed with a left spiral groove along the active zone (the diamond coated area). The COOL CUT burs provide advantages for the patient and practitioner: The cooling water is delivered by the spiral grove directly to the contact point between the bur and tooth. The grinding temperature decreases. The grinding is faster and more aggressive. The final result is a very fast grinding, with aggressive material removal, and at the same time a superb surface area quality.

Cat.No. Code ISO No. Head Size Head Length Total Length S. Fine   Fine Medium   Coarse S.Coarse   
K2SP T368-023 T257-023 023 5.3 20        
C2SP T855L-018 T197-018 018 7 19        
C3SP T855-025 T197-025 025 7 21        
M31SP T856-016 T198-016 016 8 21        
F21RSP T856L-020 T198-020 020 9 22        
F1RSP T850-016 T199-016 016 10 22        
F2RSP T850-018 T199-018 018 10 22        
E5SP T862-014 T249-014 014 8 21        
E6SP T863-016 T249-016 016 9.5 22