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Occlusionator Burs

A special line of burs designed for a smooth and easy Composite sculpturing. The large and small acorn shaped sculpting burs with A built-in safe edge prevents over-carving as well as preventing nicking of Enamel. This system is especially great for the new generation of Composites.
Cat.No. Code ISO No. Head Size Head Length Total Length XXF  S. Fine  Fine  
PR151 909R-015 Special 015 0.7  19      
PR261 901R-026  Special 026  1.1 19      
PR262 901R-026 Special 024 1.1 19      
K303 825R-024 164R-024 024 2.5 19.5      
K305 825R-027  164R-027 027 4 19.5