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Orthodontic Burs

Cat.No. Code ISO No. Head Size Total Length/Head Length Ø for IPR SF (mm) Ø for IPR PF (mm) Ø for IPR M (mm) Ø for IPR PF (mm) 
          Min Max Min Max Min Max  
J316 465-031 833-031 5  20 0.30 0.30  0.40 0.40 0.50 0.50
Z12S 858-005  165-005 3.4  22 0.20 0.45  0.30 0.50    
E11S 852-005 164-005 7  23.5 0.20 0.55  0.30 0.65    
J313F 833-031 466-031 031 19/3.5            



Hear what the doctors have to say about the new orthodontic burs:



"The burs that we have tested are great for getting into tight areas without separation. The worst part of interproximal reduction is the separation. It makes the teeth sore and the patient is miserable during that period of about four days. With these burs, all teeth that are not overlapped do not require separation and we are able to do a very nice job opening space with your burs and taking a larger but to finish. So I believe that there is a very definite need for these burs in orthodontics."

Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin



"I have started using Strauss' E11S/SF IPR bur about a year ago.
The bur is very thin and with the exact length for IPR. The bur removes a very thin layer of the enamel, so the risk of removing too much of the tooth is very limited.
In addition, the bur's shape improves the field of vision and it contributes to the precision of the procedure.
The bur turns the IPR process easier and safer, and I highly recommend its use."

Dr. Meir Polak