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Special ceramic grinders – HP

Ceramic bonding and diamond impregnation
Excellent edge stability
Maintains shape during application
Excellent durability
Heat resistant
RPM 15.000 – 25.000 min-1 max. 35.000 min-1
Cat. No.  Grit Size Shape  
RDHPL2 Super Coarse 4 x 10 mm Flat End Taper
RDHPL14 Super Coarse 5 x 13 mm Flat End Cylinder
RDHPL8 Super Coarse 12 x 2 mm Wheel
RD-HP-L22M Medium 22 x 4.5 mm Wheel
RD-HP-L13M Medium 3.5 x 11 mm Flat End Taper
RD-HP-L14M Medium 4.8 x 13 mm Flat End Taper
RD-HP-L17M Medium 15 x 3.5 mm Wheel
RD-HP-L2SC-P Coarse 4 x 10mm Flat end taper