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Serrated Strips

Cat. No. Width (mm) TYPE
RS-SAW4X150   4 Serrated
RS-SAW6X150 6 No
RS-SAW8X150 8 Perforated

Serrated Strips

Strauss serrated strips are made of metal with a sharp agressive  serrated lip for a quick and accurate material removal.

Cat. No. SF F M C Width (mm) Side Gap
RS-S2X150   X X   2 Single No
RS-S4X150 X X X X 4 Single No
RS-SG4X150 X X X X 4 Single Yes
RS-D4X150     X   4 Double No
RS-DG4X150     X   4 Double Yes
RS-SS6X150 X X X X 6 Single No
RS-D6X150     X   6 Double No
RS-S8X150     X X 8 Single No