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6 Blades Fissure

  • For the safety of user and patient, it is highly recommended that only qualified dentists should work with dental burs.
  • Attention should be paid to speed of work (RPM). Using a bur with too high RPM level, could generate undesirable heat.
  • Do not force a bur into the turbine. In case of difficult access, check both turbine and bur. Remember! Strauss & Co. dental burs are guaranteed and shall be replaced if found incompatible. However, special attention should be paid to instructions of use and maintenance of the turbine.
  • Strauss & Co.'s dental burs are designed for several uses and are autoclavable.
  • Sterilize the burs before use.


Cat.No. Head Size Head Length FG FGSS FGOS RA RASS RAOS HP  
56 009 4 *            
57 010 4.4 *     *      
58 012 4.5 *              
58L 012 5 *              
59 014 4.5 *