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12 Blades - Orthodontic Burs

  • 12 Blades: controlled contouring and finishing.

Blade Geometry

  • Straight blades: advanced blade configuration ideal for composite materials. Additional control - no spiraling to pull the bur or composite material. Produces a superior finish and is longer lasting due to ideal blade contact points.
  • Spiraled blades: standard blade configuration for amalgam, metals, dentin, and composites.


Special Burs for adhesive material removal

12 Flutes Head Size Head Length 12 Flutes FG 12 Flutes RA  
K2RSF 023 4.4 FG-K2RSF  RA-K2RSF
M31SF 016 8 FG-M31SF RA-M31SF
7006 018 1.9 FG7006  RA7006