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Diamond Wire

Description & Use:

STRAUSS & CO.'s diamond wire are flexible filing tools. The wires can be easily applied to a hand

bow saw, or used manually for filing curved or hard to reach areas. The diamond wires are used in

the glass and jewelry industry as well as in the Die mold and tooling industries.

The wires can be bent for the required angles.

Available in below standard sizes, or with other sizes per request.









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Code D1 D2 L1 L
DW0.4-01D30 0.4 0.3 70 130
DW0.5-01D54 0.5 0.3
DW0.6-01D91 0.6 0.3
DW0.7-01D91 0.7 0.4
DW0.8-01D91 0.8 0.5
DW1.0-01D91 1 0.7
DW1.5-01D91 1.5 1.2
DW2.0-01D91 2 1.7