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Finishing of Small Diameter Holes (Plasma Coatings) / Turbine Pins

Strauss manufactures a variety of tools used for deburring and re-opening

of small holes in various industries. Widely used in the turbines industry

to re-open holes after plasma coatings. Another use is for ink jet nozzles as

well as for small holes in optic industry. A full range of small diameter taper

dental tools (Diamond and Carbide) is available on a 1.6mm shank. A range

of HP tapered and cylindrical pins are available on a 2.35 or 3mm shanks.

A range of Diamond wires in different lengths is available from 0.2mm and up.








Turbine Pins

Special pins for deburring and cleaning cooling holes in turbines. Used both for Gas turbines and Aerospace engines. Available in various sizes - per customer demand. Pins are flexible to allow easy access to all holes designs.


ITEM Size in MM
 D Y
TP0.50 -01D46 0.5 30 3 50
TP0.55 -01D46 0.55 30 3 50
TP0.60 -01D54 0.60 30 3 50
TP0.65 -01D54 0.65 30 3 50
TP0.70 -01D76 0.70 30 3 50
TP0.75 -01D76 0.75 30 3 50
TP0.80 -01D76 0.80 30 3 50