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MI Escapement Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s Mini Files are used in a variety of applications where fine and accurate work is necessary. They are manufactured in 7 popular profiles. The dimensions of the mini set and its compact package enable the user to carry it in his pocket for immediate use.

Size:Total length 140 mm. Diamond coated length 40 mm.

ProfileDescripitionSize mm*Cat.No. 
Half Round 4.3x1.8 MI8608
Crossing 4.2x1.8 MI8609
Barrette 3.9X1.4 MI8610
Three Square 3.1 MI8614
Equalling 3.9x1.1 MI8617
Square 2.0 MI8619
Round 1.7 MI8621
Set Cat. No. MI8632
The Mini set includes the following 5 files: 8608, 8614, 8617, 8619, 8621.

Grit Size:
Available in grit sizes: D30(#600), D54(#270/325), D91 (#170/200), D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100). Other grit sizes are availble upon request.

Tolerance: Length ±2.5 mm. Profile ±0.3 mm. * Above sizes are for D126