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ES-NF Extra Slim

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s extra slim Needle Files allow easy access to complicated areas. They are used for filing different metals and hard materials such as: Tungsten Carbide, Steels of 40 Hrc and harder, ceramic materials, Glass etc.

Size: The ES Files are manufactured in total length of 140 mm. Diamond coated length 70 mm.

ProfileDescripitionSize mm*Cat.No.
Equalling 5.1x0.9 2112ES
Three Square 2.7 2132ES
Square 2.9 2142ES
Half Round 3.8x1.5 2152ES
Round 2.8 2162ES
Set Cat. No. 4205ES
Includes the following 5 profiles:
2112ES, 2132ES, 2142ES, 2152ES, 2162ES.

Grit Size:
Available in grit sizes: D30 (#500/600), D54 (#270/325), D91 (#170/200), D126 (#120/140 ).

Tolerance: Length ±2.5 mm. Profile ±0.3 mm.
*Above sizes are for D126.