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HBB Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.’s HBB Files are medium sized, for filing large areas. HBB Files are manufactured in 5 popular profiles and can be used for filing various hard metals and epoxy materials. The HBB file has a round shank, suitable for handle, Cat. No. handlehbb.

Size:Total length 180 mm. Diamond coated length 90 mm. Shank 5.0 mm.

ProfileDescripitionSize mm*Cat.No.
Equalling 9.3x2.0 HBB112
Three Square 6.5 HBB132
Square 4.3 HBB142
Half Round 8.8x2.7 HBB152
Round 5.3 HBB162
Set Cat. No. HBB200
The HBB set includes one of each of the above files.

Grit Size:
Standard grit sizes: D91 (#170/200), D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100).
Other grit sizes are available upon request.

Tolerance: Length ±3.0 mm. Profile ±1.0 mm.
*Above sizes are for D126.