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MF Machine Files & Handles

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.’s Machine Files are employed in applications where mechanical filing is required. Our wide range of files allows the operator to choose the most suitable file for any given application.

Profile        Diamond CoatedTotal LengthSize mm*Cat.No.
80 150 4.9X2.4 MF23
80 150 9.5X3.7 MF24
120 200 11.6X4.4 MF25
80 150 7.2 MF35
120 200 9.0 MF36
120 200 10.4 MF46

Grit Size:
Standard grit sizes: D91 (#170/200),
D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100).
Other grit sizes are available upon request.

Tolerance: Length ±1.0 mm. Profile ±0.3 mm.
* Above sizes are for D126.
Other profiles are available upon request.


Cat. No.:handlehb Cat. No.: handlenf10 Cat. No.: handlenf Cat. No.: handlehbb