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Tool Shop Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.’s Tool Shop Files are suitable for heavy
duty applications. These files are widely used for filing
large surfaces. The wide plated area facilitates easy filing
of large surfaces of hardened steels, hard plastics and Epoxy
materials. The large plated area saves filing time and is
cost effective.

Size: Total length 250 mm. Diamond coated length 180 mm.

ProfileSize mm*Cat. No.
19.9X5.0 P1112
14.9 P1132
8.1 P1142
19.75X6.0 P1152
8.0 P1162

Grit Size:
Standard grit sizes: D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100), D252 (#60/80).
Other grit sizes are available upon request.

*Above sizes are for D181.