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FF & SF - Flexible & Super Flexible Diamond Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s New Unique Flexi Files are the first files to be made on a non - steel based blank. These flat files are made on a special composite material which allows it to be flexible, yet extremely strong and light. Its special "Dots" plating allows a better removal of the filed material, which leads to superior surface finish results.
Available in D46 – D76 or D126.

Width 14 mm. Plated Length 88 mm. Thickness 1.7 mm. Total Length 170 mm.


Code Width (mm) Plated Length (mm) Length (mm) Grit Size
FF12D46 14 88 170 D46
FF12D76 D76
FF12D126 D126
FF-SET-3 All 3 Files All


Code Thickness(mm After plating) Width (mm) Plated Length (mm) Length (mm) Grit Size
SF01D15 0.17 12.7 50 180 D15
SF01D30 0.2 D30
SF02D15 0.27 D15
SF02D30 0.3 D30
SF02D54 0.4       D54
SF03D54 0.5       D54
SF03D91 0.6       D91
SF05D91 0.8       D91
SF05D126 0.9       D126
Super Flex files are unique files that are strong yet extremely thin, long and flexible for use in narrow slots where access is difficult.