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Diamond Foils

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s Diamond lapping foils are made of precisely graded Diamond particles bonded to high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform consistent finish, waterproof, high tensile strength and heat resistance.

The applications range from dies and mold industry as well as jewelry, fiber optics and semi conductors industries; particularly suited for flat surface with high gloss polishing.

Applications in use: tungsten carbide, ceramic, hardened steels, precious stones & epoxy materials.

Films are available with or without PSA backing (PSA - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive). Films are available in standard sizes as seen below and special sizes per request.

Cat. No.Size
DF-M150X25 150 mm X 25 mm
DF-M100X50 100 mm X 50 mm
DF-M280X200 280 mm X 200 mm
DF-I6X6 6" X 6"
DF-I8X8 8" X 8"
DF-IR4 4" round
DF-IR6 6" round
DF-IR8 8" round

The foils are available with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – glue) For PSA please add P to the code - DF-PI6X6 ׳D9

Available also in different sizes upon request.

The foils are available in the following grit sizes:

Grit (micron)Color
3 Pink
6 Brown
9 Blue
15 Orange
30 Green
45 Light Amber
60 Dark Amber